I wish I would have been tracking this whole time.

This is a really good app for anyone who deals with chronic pain. I woke up this morning and started thinking back to all the stuff I’ve bought over the years thinking I was just sleeping wrong , going to bed with a heating pad on high (so glad I didn’t burn myself up on my mattress), wrist guards, knee braces, ankle braces, I used to live with a TENS unit on, constantly on my back years ago, not to mention different chiropractors, deep tissue massage, and even accupuncturists. Whenever I’d go to my doctor I’d only remember about 10% of what I should be telling her. I’d seriously forget. So I finally started writing down all my symptoms and took it to her and then it finally clicked with her that something was going on with me. Anyhoo, I wanted an app that I could actually see a chart of trends or triggers that can lead to flare ups. This one is really cool. I also looked at my planner this morning to see what was going on before my last big flare up that had my back locked up and pretty much unable to get up for 2 solid days. And it was definitely stress that triggered it. My planner was FULL even on weekends…meetings at school and after school, our trip to Ren Fest was a nightmare that time around, nonstop Girl Scout action for weekends in a row, art teacher conference in Galveston that I drove to and from for 3 straight days….it was non stop. Seeing all that and what it did to my health was eye opening. My mom used to say, “don’t you ever slow down?” And we’ll….my body was finally like “bitch we gonna make you slow down now take this!” Like I said I’ve had these spasms for 12 years now and not realizing that this is NOT normal until now. But it isn’t just stress. I can’t go dancing anymore. I can’t stand up at a concert anymore. I can’t watch a parade while standing up anymore. I can’t do any digging while gardening anymore. Because even when I’m not stressed, all of those things lead to a shooting pain that runs the length of my spine within an hour. That’s not normal. I’m rambling now but this is helping me remember. The severe hip pain I felt from trying to run last summer was part of it I’m sure. I miss dancing. My last 2 trips to Numbers to go dancing left me in excruciating pain. I had to stay on the stool. I was finally able to go see Social Distortion in concert and spent nearly the entire night in the lobby sitting down because I was about to start crying because my body was screaming at me. I got really depressed thinking of the things I can’t do anymore. But I’m working on acceptance and still finding ways to just enjoy being places without overdoing it. Anyhoo if you stuck around and read all of this you deserve a major award. I wish I would have been logging all this over the years but I guess it’s good I’m doing it now.

5 thoughts on “I wish I would have been tracking this whole time.

  1. I actually shared this; I hope you don’t mind! I have always “tried” to track my pain but it always ends after about a day or two because it is just so much to write ALL THE TIME. This is really helpful information for anyone who has to deal with chronic pain so I want to “spread the word!” Thanks so much for the info and great post!


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